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Vilem Kraus

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Przedział czasowy
po 1945 roku
" Georgia "
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KATEGORIA: Sztuka współczesna




* 08 of April 1915, Prostejov - Czech Republic

+ 03 of August 1998, Prostejov - Czech Republic

Chech artist educator and restorer, known mainly for his monumental sculptures.

He was a student of Professors: 
O. Blažíčk, C. Boud i K. Pokorný – at the Institute of drawing and painting at the Faculty of Architecture CVUT.

After graduation he gathered an experience in the ceramics workshop of the sculptor Jan Tfisky in Prostejov. Subsequently he worked as a teacher in secondary schools. Since 1954 he was creating as an independant artist.

Although many of his works / with painting, graphics, sculpture / life to see the exhibition, the artist's work was based mainly on the creation of monumental art, creating a harmonious unity with environment.

He created several meters sculptures / ”Tree of life” in Vyškov /, but also ceramics, mosaics and stained glass for interiors and public spaces of towns and villages.

Since 1967 Kraus was also renowned forensic expert in the field of Art and antiques.

His constant creative effort, knowledge and experience gained in the country and abroad, have shaped him as an artist, showing a modern concept of aesthetic fulfilment.


About th image
Title : „ Georgia ”
Author : KRAUS Vilem
Signature : author's – right down
Dating : before 1963 before 1963 (year of exposure in Prostejov – the original label exhibition)
Painting prepared for permanent exhibition. 

* all presented photographs were taken outside the atelier

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