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Lajos Tscheligi

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Przedział czasowy
po 1945 roku
" Wedding procession "
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TSCHELIGI Lajos – Hungary, Switzerland
( 10 of August 1913 – 13 of June 2003 )

Hungarian painter, musician and composer, architekt, philosopher.
Known for metaphysical, abstract style.

He was born in Budapest in the family of musicians and sculptors. His father, a painter and  restorer of the church, was his first teacher of painting.
He studied painting at professors Illés Aladár Edvi and Oskar Glatzem.
View of a young student, that there is no art without nature was reflected in his early oil paintings and pastel landscapes.
“ In these paintings you can feel that the artist is real Hungarian, he hears the sound of water, feel the breath  of plains and freshness bringing by nature ” - wrote one of the critics, after the first exhibition in 1943.

He has clearly matured as an artist during World War II (served as a solider).
His desire as an artist was to express his perception of light, vitality, knowledge about presentation the soul and spirit, in a color and form.  
His subjects - people, landscapes, occurences he showed like a strong vibrant clarity. 
In 1948 he presented  three of his paintings at the centenary exhibition in Budapest.

Marriage in 1950 with Agnes Csürös and desire to  have the family, requires from the artist constant income.  Therefore Tscheligi studied geodesy and worked as  construction manager in Eger in the  Bück mountains. However, every free moment he devoted for his greatest passion, painting.

In 1956 due to political turbulence in Hungary, artist and his family escaped to Chur in Switzerland.  He was teaching art in his studio in the old city. He found the light and the freedom to explore philosophical thoughts about the importance of colors in studio/gallery in St. Moritz. The develop of internal impulse to express the necessary transparency has created his first abstract works. Inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner devoted himself to teaching his own style of painting – a metaphysical abstraction and to develop his own philosophy of color.
Invitations to local exhibitions in Swietzerland, France and  England were the consequences of this. He belonged to Society of Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects in Bern (1965). He received Swiss citizenship in 1971, which significantly increased the interest in his art by local market.

He exhibited in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. He left the constantly growing group of faithful people, who every day deriving spiritual and emotional inspirations from his art.

About the image

Technique : mixed, author's - oil, acrylic
Signature : author's, right down: Tscheligi with initials of name and dating 1963 / photo 000.15.17 /
Canvas : very hard wood board – multilayer, one-sededly textured / without priming /
Dimensions : 58 x 42,5 in cm
Maintenance condition : perfect

Painting prepared for permanent exhibition. 

* all presented photographs were taken outside the atelier

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