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Jechiel Pacanowsky

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Przedział czasowy
po 1945 roku
" Tulips "
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KATEGORIA: Paintings
profil - 600 x 800xx


PACANOWSKY Yechiel Hilary

*1896 Łódź, Poland

+1967 Vienna, Austria


Polish painter.
He graduated from High School in Łódź, subsequently he studied architecture in Prague.
Since 1918 he began to study paintings in Berlin. In 1920 he returned to Prague.
In 1922 he was studying painting in Vienna.
In the next year he obtained the qualifications as an architect. He is a member of the Union of Artists.
In 1930 he moved to Moscow as an architect under the NEP program.
After two years he returned to Prague and he worked as an architect and painter.

In 1935 he married in Vienna. Over the following years (1938 - 1944) the artist experienced in the ghetto and concentration camp Bergen – Befsen.
Since 1948 artist lived in Prague, devoting himself to painting. In 1949 he was appointed as a professor at the Technical University in Łódż. Six years later he emigrated to Palestine where he also worked.

He returned to Austria in 1961, where he lived until his death.


About the image
Title : „ Tulips ”
Author : PACANOWSKY Yechiel Hilary
Category : Polish painting – artists of Jewish origin
Signature : author's – left down
Dating : 1948

Painting prepared for permanent exhibition. 

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