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Billy Wilder

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Przedział czasowy
po 1945 roku
" Ghost ship "
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WILDER Billy ( properly Samuel ) – Austro-Hungary
* 22 of June 1906 – Sucha (today Sucha Beskidzka)
* 27 of March 2002 – Los Angeles

Eminent writer, film director and producer, artist, painter.

He was born in the family of Austrian Jews. Wilder's parents owned a station restaurant in Sucha, from where in 1911 they left to Vienna. [...] About Polish roots of eminent film director, his life and  the history of his family members, who died in the Hitlerian death camps and many aspects of the artist's work can be learned from a book " Billy Wilder master of the cinema from Sucha Beskidzka " edited by Kamila Żyto i Marcin Pieńkowski [...] from Internet service of Sucha Beskidzka municipality.

There, Wilder attended to high school and was preparing for the profession of a lawyer. Finally he became a reporter of Vienna's newspaper. By using the experience, he moved to Berlin working as a reporter in the one of the local illustrated newspapers. There he began his adventure with the film. He co-founded scenarios of sillent cinema as an assistant. After the nazis came to power, he was forced to leave Germany and he went to Paris and from there to the United States.

There he also created scenarios, initially with help of translator. Thanks to his acquaintanance with Peter Lorre ( American actor coming from Austro-Hungary )  he broke with storm into the American film world. His career qickened shortly after the debut of his film The Major and the Minor in 1942.
Billy Wilder became co-author and creator so called Gold Age of Hollywood. Thanks to his creative genius were
created crazy comedies ( Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch ), dark mysteries ( Double Indemnity, Sunset
Blvd ), or sweet or bitter portraits of American society ( The Apartment ).
Wilder's films brought him recognition of audiences around the world and six statuetts of American Film Academy. Many films lived to see the scenic adaptation.
During his career he cooperated with the biggest movie stars. Thanks to Wilder, Marilyn Monroe became a film icon of sex, and Walter Matthau with Jack Lemmon ( favourite actor ) were one of the funniest comedians pairs in the history of cinema.  
Authorities of Sucha Beskidzka in a special way honored this unique character. On the hundredth anniversary of granting the municipal rights (1896 - 1996), with the name of the artist, they named a street located near the train station, where wilder's parents were leaded their restaurant. 10 years later, hundredth birthday of the film director were celebrated by screening of his films. In 2011 ( in 105 birthday anniversary ) as a gift from the city, was embed an array, in the form of a signpost. On that array were mentioned four places particularly associated with his life and his film career ( Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Hollywood ).

[...] Many films lived to see the scenic adaptation. However, as a failure he recognized the fact of not filming the „ Schindler's List ", because Steven Spielberg had come before him. He was co-author of the scenario.
He also loved professional sport, he was passionate with chess and bridge. He adored classical music and  „ good food ”, but his greatest love was collecting of art works.

... in 1989 artist sold a part of the collection of 32,6 million $ / Auction house Christie's and Sotheby's /


About the image
Title : " Ghost ship "
Author : Wilder Billy
Technique : oil on canvas
Signature : author's - right down
Framing : contemporary, wooden slat

/ photographs presented in defferent light, outside the atelier /

Painting prepared for permanent exhibition.

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